MESCIEN company Located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province.As a professional manufacturer and supplier of light-based medical beauty devices, Mescien has achieved a great many ground-breaking innovations since its foundation in 2009. The products we produce range from skin care machine and body slimming system to hair removing equipment and tattoo eliminating apparatus, widely applied by individuals, dermatologists, beauticians health care professionals. Welcome cooperation with us .

Laser instrument factory area

Weight loss instrument factory area

Facial rejuvenation equipment factory

Customized instrument factory

MESCIEN company has more than 15 years of experience in the production of beauty instruments.

The factory is divided into four major factory areas:

  1. 1.Laser instrument factory area.
  2. 2.Weight loss instrument factory area.
  3. 3.Facial rejuvenation equipment factory.
  4. 4.Customized instrument factory.

Segmented factory areas can provide more professional services to customers. Each factory area researches a type of instrument, which enhances technical competitiveness. In addition, each factory site has a technical department. Production department. Quality inspection departments. Packaging department. Strictly control the quality of the instrument so that you have no worries.


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Professional technical team to meet your customized needs for machines.

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Modular management

The machine performance is stable and the quality is very good.

15+ Experience

15+ years of production and export experience. Help you analyze and solve procurement problems.

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