Two in one cooling emsculpt instrument, Combining frozen fat dissolving with high-intensity focused magnetic vibration wave technology will have a better effect on body weight loss and shaping, effectively reducing fat while strengthening muscles.The equipment is safe and painless, without surgery, anesthesia, medicine and side effects. It has won FDA and CE international certification, and its safety and effectiveness have been widely recognized.

    Em-sculpt uses high-intensity focused magnetic resonance wave technology to trigger muscle high-frequency contraction and drive muscle contraction for up to 30000 times in 30 minutes. High frequency and strong exercise contraction can strengthen muscle and build muscle. At the same time, it helps fat cells metabolize and decompose strongly, bringing new scientific and technological experience to body shaping. Lying down can not only tighten muscles, but also lose weight. There is no discomfort during treatment. There is no need for recovery period after treatment.It’s applied to target parts such as abdomen, upper arm (biceps, triceps), thigh and so on.For men and women who want to quickly lose fat and gain muscle or change their body shape, it’s an innovative device for postpartum women who can achieve the separation of abdominal muscle vest line, peach hip and rectus abdominis with no time or difficulty in exercising. "Emsculpt" allows you to easily lie down to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, and the effect is remarkable.

    Cooling diamond sculpture uses semiconductor silica gel head, 360 ° surround refrigeration, heating and vacuum negative pressure technology to reduce local fat by non-invasive freezing method. Before cooling, you can freely choose a heating stage between 37 ℃ and 45 ℃ for 3 minutes to accelerate local blood circulation,then it cools itself and delivers accurately controlled frozen energy to the designated part. After the adipocytes are cooled to a specific low temperature, triglycerides change from liquid to solid. The crystalline aging adipocytes will gradually apoptosis within 2-6 weeks, and then excrete them through autologous lymphatic system and liver metabolism, which can reduce the thickness of fat layer at the treatment part by 20% - 27% at a time, eliminate fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues, so as to achieve the body shaping effect of local fat dissolving. Cooling fat dissolving can fundamentally reduce the number of adipocytes and hardly rebound!

    Technical Principles

    HIFEM   beauty   muscle   instrument   uses   non-invasive   HIFEM   technology   to   release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve  high-frequency  extreme  training  ,  to  deepen  the  growth  of  myofibrils  (muscle enlargement), and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume.

    The 100% limit muscle contraction of HIFEM technology can trigger a lot of lipolysis, Fatty acids are broken down from triglyceric acid, and accumulated in large amounts in fat cells. The  fatty  acid  concentration  is too high, which will  cause  fat  cells to  apoptosis  and be excreted  from  the  body  by  normal  metabolism  within  a  few  weeks.  Therefore,  HIFEM beauty muscle instrument can strengthen and increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat.

    Freezing principle

    By using 360°semiconductor silica gel freezing technology to reach the ideal temperature that can cause fat cell apoptosis--5°C to -11°C,which is the cooling energy to achieve a non-invasive and powerful lipid-lowering effect.Different from fat cell necrosis, fat cell apoptosis is a natural form of cell death. It is to maintain internal environment stability. Cells die in an autonomous and orderly manner, thereby effectively reducing fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

    1.The treatment head is attached to the treatment area. 2. The cooling energy treats the target fat layer without damaging. 3. Damaged fat cells are broken down and cleared through the natural body process (apoptosis).

    Treatment range

    1. Fat burning

    2. Body shape

    3. Increase muscle

    4. Shape Vest Line

    5. Lying lift hips

    6. Buttock Toning.

    7.  Fat freezing and fat reducing on all the body parts as arm,waist,addomen and leg etc.

    8. Soften hard fat tissue,break up lipocyte

    9. Strengthen and tighten skin.

    Technical Parameters

    Product nameTwo in one freezing+Em-sculpt
    Technical PrincipleFreezing + High intensity focused magnetic wave
    Display screen10.4 inch large LCD
    Magnetic vibration intensity8-100%(7 Tesla)
    Output frequency5Hz-200Hz
    Cooling temperature1-5 files (cooling temperature 0℃ to -11℃)
    Heating temperature0-4 gears (preheating for 3 minutes, heating temperature 37 to 45 ℃)
    Vacuum suction1-5 files (10-50Kpa)
    Input voltage110V/220V           
    Output Power300-5000W                     
    Air box size72×55×118cmAir box weight20kg
    Gross weight93kg
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
    Payment and shipping
    After received full payment.(Bank transfer . Western union . Paypal ). Will prepare the machine (need around 3-5 days). Then we will using DHL /Fedex /UPS shipping machine to you (around 7-9 days arrived)
    Free Service
    We can add your logo in machine and machine screen for free. We can set machine language to you for free .
    We will provide the operation manual and the operation video to you. You can operate machine according it. Also supply one to one operation training service. It's very easy to operate, please don't worry .
    After Sales Service
    We have one years of free after-sales service and we provide all technical support for the life of the machine without worrying.
    Our machines have passed CE certification, ISO 9001 quality certification.
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