Machine introduce

    The effect of 7d HIFU is to lift and firm the skin, improve the facial contour, eliminate wrinkles, whiten, and shape the body. The principle is to use the machine probe to emit high-energy focused ultrasound, instantly penetrate the skin, act on the epidermis, dermis, fat layer, fascia layer, stimulate the skin collagen contraction and regeneration, so as to achieve the effect of layering and anti-aging.

    7d HIFU is a non-invasive anti-aging medical beauty project. It adopts the latest technology of MIFU and integrates the micro high-energy focusing system and macro high-energy focusing system. Delivered to different levels of the skin, not only the anti-aging effect is better, but also the comfort of beauty seekers is higher.

    7d HIFU uses the principle of focused ultrasound to instantly apply high-energy ultrasound to different layers of the skin, such as the epidermis, dermis, fat layer and fascia layer, to stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers, improve the support of the skin, and lift and firm. Loose skin; at the same time, it also promotes the dissolution of some fat, so as to achieve the effect of body shaping.

    Technical Principles

    7D HIFU use the micro high-energy focused ultrasound system,which has a smaller focus point than other 3D 4D HIFU equipment, and more accurately transmits the high-energy focused ultrasound energy at 65~75℃ to the target skin tissue layer, resulting in a thermal coagulation effect without harming the surroundings organization.

    While stimulating the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, it greatly enhances the comfort, giving you a perfect V face, making the skin plump, firm, and elastic.


    1. Improve facial/neck skin tissue, reduce wrinkles, and lift facial/neck skin.

    2. Slow down skin aging and roughness, and reshape facial curves.

    3. Promote facial collagen regeneration and lift facial/neck curves.

    4. Reduce excess fat on arms, thighs, arms, and abdomen to make skin firmer and smoother.

    5. Body shaping and repair of mild stretch marks.

    6. Tighten the vagina and increase vaginal elasticity.

    7. Promote vaginal tissue collagen regeneration.

    8. Relieve vaginal dryness and improve vaginal moisturizing.

    9. Improve urinary incontinence.

    10. Relieve menopausal symptoms.

    Machine Advantage

    uses 360-degree 3D surround technology
    Vaginal HiFu uses 360-degree 3D surround technology, which ensures accurate multiple placement, even placement and good effect through automatic control of rotation Angle
    The operation is more safe
    The energy is controllable, and the corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the depth of the vagina, so that the operation is more safe.
    Safe and non-invasive
    Non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia, the treatment energy slightly through the mucosal layer, 100% without any damage, to ensure customer comfort and painless.
    Immediate firming effect
    One week after treatment can be restored without affecting the normal sexual life.
    High safety
    Approved by high-end technology and clinical trials, safe and effective, and will not have any impact on natural delivery
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
    Payment and shipping
    After received full payment.(Bank transfer . Western union . Paypal ). Will prepare the machine (need around 3-5 days). Then we will using DHL /Fedex /UPS shipping machine to you (around 7-9 days arrived)
    Free Service
    We can add your logo in machine and machine screen for free. We can set machine language to you for free .
    We will provide the operation manual and the operation video to you. You can operate machine according it. Also supply one to one operation training service. It's very easy to operate, please don't worry .
    After Sales Service
    We have one years of free after-sales service and we provide all technical support for the life of the machine without worrying.
    Our machines have passed CE certification, ISO 9001 quality certification.
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