The instrument mainly acts on deep fat and superficial fat, and transfers the energy directly to the fat cells for uniform heating. During the heating process, the connective tissue and fat cell structure can be changed by controlling the heat, and the adipose tissue has a photothermal effect (so that the fat is dissolved). And the photodynamic effect (separating the fat cells from the normal tissue) decomposes the fat cells to make them evenly liquefied, and the fat liquid is excreted through the ultra-fine positioning needle, which fundamentally reduces the number of fat cells, effectively avoids postoperative rebound.

    Technical Principles

    1470nm semiconductor laser has high cutting efficiency and can be conducted through optical fiber. It can be absorbed by both hemoglobin and cell water. Heat can be concentrated in small tissues, quickly vaporize and decompose tissues, with less thermal damage. It has the advantage of coagulation and hemostasis. It is suitable for tumor resection, surgical operation, prostatectomy, varicose veins and other minimally invasive operations. The semiconductor laser therapy device uses the 980nm and1470nm wavelength fiber-coupled laser to treat the needle with a disposable lipolysis fiber, precisely locates excess fat and fat in the body, directly hits the target tissue fat cells, and rapidly dissolves and liquefies.

    Treatment range

    1) Accurately remove stubborn fat from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, etc.

    2) It can also be refined and dissolved in parts that cannot be reached by traditional methods such as jaw and neck.

    3) Facial lifting, firming and wrinkle removal.


    OutputFiber-optic coupling Operation interface 8.0 inch
    Laser wavelength980nm+1470nmlanguageEnglish or OEM
    Output Power980nm30W+1470nm9WLength of Fiber3m
    Pulse width1ms—60msFiber core diameter600μm
    Frequency1-9HzCoolingAir cooling
    ModePulse modeNet/Gross weight5KG/ 10KG
    Aiming Beam650nmMachine Dimensions360mm*340mm*220mm
    InputAC:100-240V 、50/60HzFlight case Dimensions460mm*440mm*340mm
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
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