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    INDIBA enjoys high praise in the medical beauty and life beauty industries in Europe and Japan.

    The world's top clubs and beauty salon medical institutions are using INDIBA to help people who are under the pressure of modern society to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, deep warmth, and improve various body and facial health problems. It is an instrument developed for the Medical medical environment, which can really effectively achieve the therapeutic effect of lipolysis and weight loss.

    Technical Principles

    This machine uses Spanish Interwave technology with a frequency of 448KHZ, so it is referred to as a 448k temperature controller for short.

    Two operating modes, CAP and RES modes are as follows:

    CAP principle: cap is based on constant normal temperature of the epidermis and deep radio frequency heating as the core technology to ensure that the skin is comfortable and not damaged, and then use cap to produce heat conduction, which can accurately reach the deep layer of the skin and stimulate the ions and charged colloidal particles in the body to move quickly Or vibration, rubbing Sassafras to generate heat, and at the same time, under the action of polar molecular resonance technology, heat the collagen tissue of the dermis. When the thermal energy of the deep skin collagen tissue reaches 45℃-60℃, it naturally produces immediate contraction, which stimulates the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gaps of atrophy and loss of collagen, and rearranges it to rebuild the skin soft scaffold. Finally, the effect of firming the skin, filling wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity and luster is achieved.

    RES principle: It is a weight-loss instrument that projects high-frequency energy into the human body, generates deep heat from the tangerine cortex of the skin, and breaks down body fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. When high-frequency current is applied to human tissues, the vibration amplitude is very small, so there is almost no ion movement phenomenon, and no electrochemical reaction or electrolysis phenomenon occurs. If high frequency is transmitted to the human body, the human body tissue will heat up. This is because when high-frequency current is applied to the human body, whenever the current changes its direction, the molecules that make up the tissue will vibrate and rub against each other to rotate, twist and conflict. This molecular motion will cause the human tissue to generate body heat. This kind of heat is called deep heat.


    CAP function:

    1. Improve tightening, whitening and skin rejuvenation;

    2. Control acne and improve wrinkles;

    3. Burn fat and relieve pain;

    4. Improve constipation and increase elasticity;

    5. Tighten postpartum relaxation and relieve muscle pain;

    6. Relax stiff joints.

    7. Assist the introduction of essence

    RES function:

    1. Lymphatic drainage

    2. Improve blood circulation

    3. Repair of cells, nerves, bones, muscles and ligaments

    4. Regulate endocrine

    5. Improve sleep

    6. Brighten skin tone

    7. Improve the problem of chest drop and hyperplasia

    8. The problem of body shape and orange peel on legs

    9. Lose weight

    10. Burn visceral fat

    Treatment effect

    Indiba Machine Parts

    1. Stainless steel probe*4

    2. Ceramic probe*4

    3. CAP handle

    4. RES handle

    5.6.8. Canon connector*3

    7. Negative plate

    9. HD display

    10. Operation interface

    11. Canon connector*3

    Machine Advantage

    Stimulate organisms
    The only device that can stimulate organisms in connective tissue.
    Non-invasive biological stimulation.
    Non-invasive biological stimulation.
    Biological stimulatio
    According to the structure of human cells, this series of biological stimulation can improve the activity of connective tissue.
    In-depth beauty care
    In-depth beauty care, manipulate the energy of the human body to quickly achieve results.
    Achieve the best results
    You can use cosmetics and established treatment procedures to achieve the best results.
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
    Payment and shipping
    After received full payment.(Bank transfer . Western union . Paypal ). Will prepare the machine (need around 3-5 days). Then we will using DHL /Fedex /UPS shipping machine to you (around 7-9 days arrived)
    Free Service
    We can add your logo in machine and machine screen for free. We can set machine language to you for free .
    We will provide the operation manual and the operation video to you. You can operate machine according it. Also supply one to one operation training service. It's very easy to operate, please don't worry .
    After Sales Service
    We have one years of free after-sales service and we provide all technical support for the life of the machine without worrying.
    Our machines have passed CE certification, ISO 9001 quality certification.
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