Newest product Vera Roller Tester, which is an innovative beauty instrument based on pure physical and mechanical massage. The instrument uses "Stereoscopic Negative Pressure Mechanical Stimulation" technology. The instrument is composed of a nursing head device with two-way electric roller combined with vacuum negative pressure, and another nursing head device is composed of vacuum negative pressure combined with electric flaps. Head in each part of the human body through the high-tech care for scroll machinery, suction, kneading, clamp, bounce and other mechanical massage action to activate and repair of connective tissue, activate the diastole and contraction, muscle tissue and soften the circulatory system and the lymphatic system, and by the activation of autologous skin renewal from the inside out, make its reactivation to complete different treatment goals, Such as metabolism fat, eliminate edema, smooth fine lines, firm skin, elastic and tight and anti-aging, both healthy and safe to let you perfect metamorphosis. It is used for facial beautification and anti-aging, physical therapy and slimming.

    Vera Roller Tester is focused on beauty and wellness. Its biggest benefit is that it is non-invasive, safe and 100% natural. All forms of connective tissue transformation, muscle and circulatory disease can be treated. Use different body and face probes to send powerful, efficient, comfortable and painless activation signals to the deep layer of the skin to stimulate skin activation, repair and renewal in an all-natural way, restoring natural physiological processes. Using negative pressure suction, two-way roller force, double d take force of sunny and realize mechanical massage naturally activate cells and stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration, recover skin luster and elasticity, but also can promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation of skin detox, break down fat deposits at the same time, to reduce fluid retention, smooth the orange peel, firming skin, fade wrinkles, shape, Relieve fatigue, reduce muscle tightness pain, eliminate sub-health state. 100% natural and safe intelligent beauty, organic fitness and slim anti-aging concept, known as the "fashion figure designer", deeply favored by women, Hollywood stars, models and athletes.

    Please read the manual carefully and follow the instructions before use.

    Technical Principles

    Vera roller Tester adopts "Three-dimensional Negative Pressure Mechanical Stimulation" technology, which is a non-invasive vacuum negative pressure massage therapy. The principle is that through the bidirectional electric roller combined with vacuum negative pressure of the nursing head device, and the electric flap combined with vacuum negative pressure of the nursing head device, the skin tissue to carry out rolling, suction, kneading, clamping, bouncing and other mechanical aerobic exercise, skin tissue repeated rhythmic deep massage and mechanical stimulation. Continuity can be deeper into the connective tissue and adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, lymph circulation system and blood circulation system, and thus to be skin organization exerts special physical stimulation and the actuating effect, make skin tissue under the oppression and wrinkled, and under the effect of positive and negative pressure produces delicate mechanical stimulation to deep skin tissue, the treatment areas produce biochemical reaction, Thus, it can effectively activate the decomposition of subcutaneous adipocytes and reduce the accumulation of fat in honeycomb tissue, increase the circulation of connective tissue blood and lymph, take away metabolic waste, eliminate excessive water and toxin in the body, eliminate honeycomb tissue, relieve muscle pain, and achieve the effect of thin body. It also stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, promotes the proliferation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, makes the whole body skin firm, full and elastic, reduces the orange peel lines, wrinkles and improves the distribution of fat layer, restores the health and vitality of skin tissue, and shapes a slimmer, more contorted body and young skin. He is the expert of "healthy body sculpture management". The treatment needs to wear special tights, so that the roller can give the body a smooth deep massage.

    Treatment range

    1. Metabolize fat, eliminate edema, smooth fine lines, tighten skin, make skin elastic, firm and anti-aging.

    2. Facial beauty and anti-aging, body therapy, slimming and shaping.

    3. Activate cells and stimulate collagen/elastin regeneration to restore skin's luster and elasticity.

    4. Can promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation to detoxify the skin.

    5. At the same time, it breaks down fat deposits, reduces fluid retention, and smoothes cellulite.

    6. Tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, reshape body shape, relieve fatigue, reduce muscle tightness and pain, and eliminate sub-health conditions.

    Machine Advantage

    Easy to control and adjust
    The body handle is equipped with a 2.8-inch touch screen, which is easier to control and adjust.
    Two-way power roller
    Two-way power roller: the contact surface is wider, the function area is larger, the function depth is deeper.
    Frequency conversion negative pressure attraction
    Frequency conversion negative pressure attraction: pure physical property has no damage to the skin, the best effect is the most in-depth
    Personal exclusive collet
    Personal exclusive collet: three-dimensional effect deep, intelligent infinitely variable speed stimulation depth is different.
    Special shaping clothes
    Special shaping clothes: double the effect of sculpting parts, enhance comfort, and take into account personal privacy and health.
    No need to beautician laborious massage, simple operation is safe.
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
    Payment and shipping
    After received full payment.(Bank transfer . Western union . Paypal ). Will prepare the machine (need around 3-5 days). Then we will using DHL /Fedex /UPS shipping machine to you (around 7-9 days arrived)
    Free Service
    We can add your logo in machine and machine screen for free. We can set machine language to you for free .
    We will provide the operation manual and the operation video to you. You can operate machine according it. Also supply one to one operation training service. It's very easy to operate, please don't worry .
    After Sales Service
    We have one years of free after-sales service and we provide all technical support for the life of the machine without worrying.
    Our machines have passed CE certification, ISO 9001 quality certification.
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