Machine introduce

    Machine is constituted by 287 kinds of special medical SLD, applicable for wound healing in the beginning, and acne treatment, skin beauty, post-operation recovery, hair regrowth recently. Omega light machine included four wavelengths are corresponding to four colors, 640nm for red, 423nm blue, 532nm green and 583nm yellow.

    Technical Principles

    Omega light machine designed on the basis of photo dynamic effect of PDT which is a photo chemical therapy selectively damaging cells through the radiation of specific wavelength. Different colors of light have different effects on the skin. Different light combines to treat the patient, Can fundamentally solve the problems of facial skin acne, acne marks, uneven skin tone and the like.

    Treatment range

    Omega light machine’s different colors are designed directing at different skin problems. Apart from  each individual of them, RED and BLUE can be pressed at the same time in order to achieve the effect of comprehensive treatment.

    Wavelength of the Omega light machine : 640nm Skin permeation of the Omega light machine: 1~6mm It has wonderful effect for cell regenerating, blood circulation stimulating, acne mark eliminating, ache relieving, and effective constituent activating.
    Wavelength of the Omega light machine:423nm Skin permeation of the Omega light machine : 1mm It’s helpful for killing acne bacteria, restraining sebaceous gland and preventing wound infection.
    Wavelength of the Omega light machine:532nm Skin permeation of the Omega light machine: 0.5~2mm It has excellent sedative effect for allergic skin and body-mind. Better to use together with mask.
    Wavelength of the Omega light machine: 583nm Skin permeation of the Omega light machine : 1~2mm It can be applied for the treatment of flush/erythema and swelling. Better to use together with whitening products.

    Treatment effect

    Technical specification

    ItemsOmega light machine
    Frequency1~30 HZ
    Red light wavelength640nm
    Blue light wavelength423nm
    Green light wavelength532nm
    Yellow light wavelength 583nm
    Time range0~60 minutes (adjustable)


    Machine Advantage

    Designed to be portable and can be carried and transported according to the needs of patients.
    Machine’s treatment is very safe, and pregnant women and allergic patients can also be used.
    Treatment is painless throughout the entire process and does not affect the normal work and life of the patient.
    Overall skin quality
    Machine not only improves facial acne, blackheads, acne, acne marks, but also improves overall skin quality.
    Combination of four colors of light for the treatment of the face is more comprehensive and better.
    Unique 4 and 1 light
    Machine with unique 4 and 1 light, you can solve skin problems comprehensively.
    Without drugs
    Machine has a short treatment time and can be completed without drugs.
    Company Service
    The effects of using the instrument on different human bodies and in different environments are different. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
    Payment and shipping
    After received full payment.(Bank transfer . Western union . Paypal ). Will prepare the machine (need around 3-5 days). Then we will using DHL /Fedex /UPS shipping machine to you (around 7-9 days arrived)
    Free Service
    We can add your logo in machine and machine screen for free. We can set machine language to you for free .
    We will provide the operation manual and the operation video to you. You can operate machine according it. Also supply one to one operation training service. It's very easy to operate, please don't worry .
    After Sales Service
    We have one years of free after-sales service and we provide all technical support for the life of the machine without worrying.
    Our machines have passed CE certification, ISO 9001 quality certification.
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