Machine introduce

    Hydro dermabrasion(Hydra Facial) -the latest in skincare technology. Hydra dermabrasion utilizes the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard crystals or abrasive textured wands, generating deeply hydrated and healthier looking skin.


    • 1.Rejuvenate sun damaged skin-face, neck,shoulders, back,arms and legs
    • 2.Reduce age spots.
    • 3.Minimize of blotchy skin coloring
    • 4.Reduce acne and superficial scars from past injury
    • 5.Remove blackheads and white heads
    • 6.Reduce oily skin
    • 7.Improve overall skin health


    • 1.Clean skin deeply.
    • 2.Click the "Spray gun "on as Figure.5 shows,
    • 3.You can set the operation time on Figure.3
    • 4.Mix 2:3 drip SPA essential oil diluted with purified water into small cup of the o2 spray water should be about 2/3 of the cup, and then tighten the lid tightly. Oxygen sprier can only with liquid products, other states product will cause pinhole jam.
    • 5.Beautician hold the spray  gun, press the control button to release oxygen, And pull backwards to spray water mist.
    • 6.Spray oxygen from top to bottom starting from the forehead to the neck, careful not to spray into the eyes or nose, iii the spray oxygen process, the beautician can appease, lift up, stretch wrinkles with the other hand, more helpful for nutrition products penetrate the skin, strengthen skin elasticity, spray rate should depend on the guests' absorb state of oxygen.


    The product should be liquid when using oxygen sprayer.Avoid spraying into mouth or nose when spraying oxygen.Clean the small cup and the pipe inside the sprayer every time use it, to avid jam. Clean method: pour the purified water into the small cup, and press the control button and then pullback towards. Supply nutrients and moisture for the skin rapidly, smooth skin, lightening stains, improve chlorosis, dull conditions, make skin rosy, white, Iran spa rent, tender, tightening indeed, with special spa oils will be better

    Vacuum pen

    Vacuum pen is use vacuum/suction to suck the bl ackheads from the pores , makes our pores more cleaner . And our vacuum pen is in new technique that can be massage our skin during working , because it is not always in suction, it will suck on and off , good for lymphatic drainage and active our cells .

    Bio microcurrent

    Micro current is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to attain maintain a healthier and younger looking appearance.Benefits: Non-invasive facelift Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles ;Improve skin circulation;Improve hyper pigmentation and acne;Increase product penetration.

    Photon light (PDT)

    The general introduction of PDT:Praised as "Magic light” Photon dynamical instrument is a biological active cold light,and not produce hi .It applies low-energy and unique optical technology to skin care and treatment,natural and gentle; has prominent effects,low Lethal and no side effect. Ifs skin nurse specialist's fit for all kinds of skin,especially useful for seriously irritated skin,acne skin and has notable effect for those in sub healthy state to recover and do skin protection and treatment.

    Photon dynamical nurse therapy is a new technology,using the photon power to do skin maintenance and treatment, transfer light energy to cell energy,then accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen proteins, increase skin elasticity and take important part in rehabbing aging and acne skin,lightening flecks, skin upgrade and tighten and easing burnable skin.


    1. Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin,big pore,slender wrinkles.

    2.Improve pigmentation pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.

    3.Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.

    4.Repair and nurse the damaged skin.

    5.Do detumescence,inflammation diminishing and scar elimination treatment for oil acne effectively

    High frequency

    High frequency function is beauty salon acne-prone skin treatment good assistant of the high frequency current heating can  penetrate the skin fiber, promote the blood circulation, help skin absorb nutrition, eliminate waste, the heat can relax nerves, helping solvents penetrate the skin, reduce skin secretion, and sterilization, the role of promoting wound healing, effect is remarkable. 1 use a special ultraviolet radiation for local or punctiform light, have antiseptic effect, accelerate style skin wound healing. 2 remove surface spots, acne and treat black spots.

    Diamond dermabrasion

    Operating steps

    1. Clean skin and make it dry.

    2.According treated parts to choose appropriate Diamond dermabrasion working head, and connect it into diamond dermabrasion handle.Turn on the Power switch[3]. Make the function converting switch[15] to "n.

    3.Turn 6 vacuum adjusting knob to regulate the vacuum pressure. According t to the hip, turning it to the clockwise is MAX, turning it to the counter clockwise is MIN. The beautician should consider the nursing part and make sure the guests can accept the pressure.

    4.Confine the treatment area, and beautician hold the diamond dermabrasion handle to move closely on skin back and forth, with the finger moves with it.


    1.Do not to use when there is sensitive skin, swelling, injury,inflammation.

    2.Keep your skin in a good condition after treatment, use care products which are gentle and no harm, pay more attention to sun block.

    3.Do not do shaving or use scrub until three days later.Another diamond dermabrasion care must be in 30 minutes later

    Face Ultrasonic

    1   Ultrasonic waves with deep penetration are produced by high-frequency oscillation of 1 million times per second. It is a kind of special instrument that emits a kind of waveform that can be transmitted by surrounding medium. It has more powerful energy than ordinary sound waves. It has high frequency, good directionality, strong penetrability and large expansion force.

    2    Due to the strong high-frequency oscillation, it can soften and massage the skin cells, promote the blood circulation of the human micro-vessels, accelerate the metabolism and activate the skin cells, and help absorb nutrients. high-frequency micro-massage, can also eliminate the aging cells and discharge toxins to reduce wrinkles, with a variety of beauty products or medicines, can achieve a variety of problems skin treatment, improvement.

    4.The safe frequency of ultrasound can also cause the resonance vibration of the cells themselves, consume fat and improve cell water absorption and water saturation, so that the skin can restore clear gloss and elasticity.

    5.Ultrasonic high-frequency micro massage can eliminate the aging cells and discharge toxins to reduce wrinkles. If combined with other cosmetics or medicines, it can achieve various problems of skin treatment and improvement.

    Skin scrubber

    Use of ultrasonic technology will change to 28000 times per second of electric shock waves to 28000 times per second of  mechanical vibration wave the muscles of the body to me have osmosis.Can make skin more deep cells produce excited,so long as you use this instrument is used together with the corresponding potions or essence effect,can quickly eliminate shading wrinkles whelk courteous layer,able to pore dirt thoroughly clean skin,make skin shining white,recover the flexibly

    eye ultrasound

    Through the principle of electromagnetic wave conduction, the water molecules in the body can rotate and rub to generate heat. It mainly makes use of the property that the collagen in the dermis can contract immediately at the temperature of 42 degrees to 68 degrees, so that the loose skin can be pulled tight, and the aging and damaged collagen layer can be repaired at the same time, so as to instantly tighten the skin around the eye. Radio frequency currents flow through the tissue to generate heat, which heats the skin tissue. By directly focusing on the subcutaneous fascia layer, the polar water molecules in the fascia layer are subjected to 40 million times of wave phase resonance (frequency 40.68MHz) per second through rapidly alternating electromagnetic field, and the friction between    water molecules generates heat, and then the whole layer of SMAS fascia is heated accurately and uniformly to 60-65 ℃ .

    Ice hammer

    • 1.cold compress to reduce eye edema.
    • 2. Cold compress shrinks pores and tightens skin.
    • 3.after the sun, beauty, MTS, sensitive redness, cold compress for cooling and redness.
    • 4.mask and essence at the same time cold compress machine massage into, cold compress to help absorption.

    Daily care of ice hammer beauty instrument

    1. When applying water cream, part of the nutrients can not be absorbed into the skin and evaporate. When this time, the use of cold compress instrument can lock up the water and improve the absorption content of water.

    2. When applying facial mask, the Cooler-Face cold compress device -Face will make the skin absorb nutrients better. It should be noted that the mask should not be applied for a long time, and the use time should be controlled within 20 minutes.

    Magic bubble

    Magic active oxygen bubbles have very strong decomposition and oxidation resistance, can generate oil low concentration active oxygen gas, through active oxygen physical and chemical principle, deep clean the skin, anti-inflammatory sterilization effect active oxygen bubbles with sterilization, disinfection, decoloring, clean effect, can be opposite the sterilization and hand skin, in addition to mites, whitening, clean effect, at the same time, promote the blood circulation, activate cells.

    Micro needle

    The ultra-fine needle on the micro needle is used to transfer high nutrition ingredients to the deep skin to achieve the effect of skin maintenance. Micro needle operation can also make the skin more delicate, white and tender, can also achieve the role of shrinking pores.


    TechnologyHydro dermabrasionBio micro currentVacuum penSpray mist gunPhoton lightUltrasonicDermabrasionHigh frequencySkin scrubberHot and cold hammerOcular ultrasoundThree pole rfShovel knifeElectric micro needle
    TechHydro dermabrasion , photon light
    Max output250VA
    Operate10.4" Touch screen
    HandlesHydro dermabrasion with 8 tips ,Bio micro current 1 piece, Vacuum pen 3 different sizes, Photon light with 2 handles ,Spray mist gun 1 piece, High frequency 1 piece Ultrasonic 2 piece, Dermabrasion 1 pieces ,Skin scrubber 1 pieces, Electric micro  needle 1 pieces ,Hot and cold hammer 1 pieces, shovel knife 1piece, eye ultrasound 1piece, magic bubble 1piece, three-pole RADIO frequency 1piece, Bio microcurrent 1piece
    Voltage100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
    Package size55 X 52 X 146cm
    Net weight45 KG
    WarrantyOne year for main machine and 3 months for spare parts

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