Upgraded version Picosure laser machine effect

Treatment head of picosure laser

1. Laser 532nm treatment head: adjustable 1-10HZ treatment frequency, suitable for treating color, red, brown, blue tattoos and eyeliner and lip line.

2. Laser 1064nm treatment head: Black, dark tattoo and eyeliner can be removed.

3.1320nm treatment head: black face doll, pore clean, laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

4.755nm treatment head: facial yellow. Removes spots, acne marks, freckles, chloasma, age spots, dry spots, dermal spots and other black precipitates.

The advantages of picoseconds to tattoos compared to conventional laser tattoos

1. It has a higher light output frequency and can shorten the treatment time.

2. It can emit light without limit, and is not limited by the number of spots, which improves the service life of the machine.

3. Its treatment head light treatment area is 4 times that of traditional laser tattoo, and it can be completed in a shorter time.

4. It is the latest and best performing tattooing technology. Extracting the more accurate ND-YAG laser band, combined with picosecond technology, greatly increases the effect of tattoo removal.

Specifications of the picosure laser

Laser Type:ND:YAG Solid LaserLaser Wavelength:1064nm、532nm、755nm
Working frequency:1--10Hz  (Adjustable)Pulse Width:6ns
Screen:10.4-inch true color touch screenShell material:ABS plastic + metal
Imput Power:1200WLanguage:English
Supply voltage:AC220V;AC110V(Customized)of the picosure laser

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